Several years ago, the recruitment market was very different. Companies were in a real position of strength, with there being an excess of talent available and processes resulting in a number of suitable candidates to choose from at offer stage. Hiring companies could get away with relying purely on their brand name - and if you were an Apple or Amazon, you'd have no problem hiring at all.

Then came the "tech-boom" and suddenly skill-sets became more specialised resulting in a huge shortage of qualified candidates. All of a sudden, it has become a candidate-driven market and companies have been left with massive skill gaps in their teams. This has driven salaries to an all-time high, especially in under-resourced areas like UX, Analytics and Paid Media.

With all of this considered, when you do find the right candidates, it's important that they want to work for you. This is where Employer Branding comes in. 

It's vital that as a hiring business, you are selling yourselves - and not just during the interview process either. Candidates need evidence of what it's like to work for your business, what development opportunities there are, the company culture etc. - all of the things you would want to know if you were job searching. You should have dedicated careers pages - not just on your own website, but on LinkedIn and other relevant social platforms. 

With tools like Glassdoor being used more frequently, it's becoming increasingly difficult for companies to hide behind their brand, therefore, it's paramount that you have a solid Employer Branding strategy in place. Disgruntled employees won't make hiring any easier!

For many companies, the first step to look at is your external hiring process. That is the biggest hurdle for many of them, especially when candidates are being approached by companies who offer them a better experience. Make sure you have a clear plan on hiring, including timescales, who the candidate needs to meet and any tasks they need to prepare. The more you can tell them from the start, the easier the process will be to manage.